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Rungard Run Flat Tires
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Run Flat Tires System For Combat Vehicles -Rungard™

Protective Tire Assembly (PTA) is an integration of the following parts:

  • Runflat Insert system (RIS) – lightweight polymer inserts allow tires to function after being deflated.
  • Tire Wall Shielding (TWS) – composite of rubber and honeycomb shields that protect tire wall.
  • Central Tire Inflation System (CTIS) – Allows crew to control tire air pressure on demand.

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    Product Description

    Rungard Protective Tire Assembly (PTA) for run flat tires.

    Rungard™ Runflat System allows any vehicle to continue to travel even after its tires have been compromised.

    The system consists of the following:

    Rungard ™ Runflat Insert System (RIS) is made with lightweight polymer materials and engineered with a unique performance to prevent breakage or shattering under ballistic attack or road hazards. It is strong enough to support the full load of fully armored military combat vehicles. It can run flat tires at 50 km/hr. for a range of 100 km on road, or 50 km off-road.

    Rungard ™ – Tire Wall Shielding (TWS) system is a composite of engineered rubber and lightweight honeycomb. TWS is developed to protect tire wall, the most vulnerable part of the tire. It is also flame-resistant and can conceal infrared caused by braking heat. Unshielded infrared can be easily visible to night vision system.

    Rungard ™ – Central Tire Inflation System (CTIS ) is a system which allow the crew to control the pressure in the tire on demand. This allows the tires to fit the different conditions with different pressure, and keep the tire under pressured when tire is damaged.



    Rungard™ Run Flat Tires for Military Vehicle

    2R16.5 M37 x 12.2R16.5189410050
    3R19 M305/80R20229410050
    4R20 M335/80R20249410050
    5R22.5 M365/85R202411410050
    395 - 85R20