Armor USA Inc. is a world-class leading manufacturer of vehicle armor and body armor products.
We offer Ballistic Visors, Ceramic and PE plates for body and vehicle armor, Riot Armor, Stab-resistant Armor, Vests, Helmets, Ballistic Shields, Run-flat Systems, Security Glass.

Featured Products


RAILBAND™ retro fits PASGT, MICH, and FAST helments. Shroud/Rail system does not require any modification of helmets (ie. bolt holes). Mounts lights, cameras, visors, communication headsets, strobes, mandibles, battery packs. etc.

Quality Materials

Laminated with PMMA and poly-carbonate with proprietary TPU inter-layer. This high light transmission, minimal distortion visor is lighter than comparable ballistic products and available at various NIJ protection levels.

Unigard™ & Ceragard™

Ultra-light weight lightweight polyethylene (Unigard™) or integrated hard ceramic hexagons (Ceragard™), these plates are available in various shapes, varying in thickness and NIJ protection levels.


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