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Detachable Mine Protection Base – Mingard™

Mingard™ Detachable Anti-mine Base is a combination of PE and structural steel panel that minimally increases the weight of vehicles.

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Mingard™ Detachable Mine Protection

Mingard™ Detachable Anti-mine Base is a combination of PE (Polyethylene) panels and structural steel. It is designed to be installed on the base of the armored vehicle to defeat mine blast at Stanag4569 Level -III, with minimal weight increase to the vehicle.

Mingard™ Detachable Anti-mine Base adopts an international advanced level of structure and design that effectively absorbs explosion energy. The light weight technology used in the manufacturing process is designed to prevent the armor from overwhelming the suspension and driving system of light armored vehicles.



Mingard™ Detachable Mine Protection

1ProductProtection LevelExplosive MassWeight kg/m²
2Mingard-S1STANAG4669 Level I2 Hand Granades5
3Mingard-S2STANAG4669 Level II6 kg Blast AT Mine65
4Mingard-S3STANAG4669 Level III8 kg Blast AT Mine95
5Mingard-S4STANAG4669 Level IV10 kg Blast AT MineTDB