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Armor Suspension and Brakes Upgrade – Armoraid ™

In the process of vehicle armoring, it is inevitable that weight is added. The total mass of the vehicle increases by as much as 30-40%. This added weight greatly affects the dynamics of the vehicle. So much so that an armored EAV can become undrivable if not dangerous to use.
Our Armoraid ™ line of suspension upgrades is designed to address these problems.




Armoraid ™ Armor Suspension and Brakes Upgrade

Armoraid ™ Armor Suspension and Brakes Upgrade

Armoraid-S ™ Uprated springs, shocks and sway bars

Vehicle weights, spring rates and dampening ratios are all taken into account when designing a suspension package for an armored EAV. Control and Drivability are the primary criteria but comfort is also taken into account. Our heavy-duty shock absorber designs are based on heavy-duty truck technology that has proven itself over millions of kilometers in a variety of harsh conditions. With various damper designs available in our range, we offer our customers a customized suspension package that is suited to their application. It also been engineered for that elusive combination of control and comfort. Based on a fast-acting mono tube design, these shock absorbers are one of the most efficient shock absorber designs to dissipate the build-up of heat while maintaining vehicle control in all types of terrain and driving conditions. We also offer heavy duty sway bars made of special steel and designed specifically to counteract armored vehicle sway or lean. These upgrades improve handling and safety.

Armoraid-B High performance brake rotors and special compound brake pads

For brake upgrades we offer brake rotors that are specially heat treated with a high carbon material formulation. The slots design increases the number of out-gassing exit points for brake pad friction gases to escape through, further increasing the consistency and effectiveness of every brake stop. These rotors work very well with high friction pads and have more than 3 times the durability of OE type rotors. Furthermore, our high-performance brake pads use specially formulated compounds for armoring that combines a good balance between braking power (friction) and durability.